About Us

MedChoice Risk Retention Group

For today's changing healthcare landscape, the business of medicine requires new tools to manage and finance your professional liability risk. The status quo is insufficient and most likely change is needed. 

MedChoice provides your evolving practice, clinic, or hospital with an alternative to traditional liability programs. For those medical businesses that want more control but aren't ready to fund, start, or run their own Captive, MedChoice provides an interim, and adaptive step toward that goal. And, for those that want to exit the insurance business altogether, MedChoice offers risk transfer options customized to your members' and program needs.

MedChoice Risk Retention Group, Inc. is a national insurance company licensed in Vermont under the Federal Risk Retention Act. As a healthcare RRG, MedChoice provides specialized medical professional liability and casualty coverages, products, and services built to meet the specific needs of specialties, groups, and hospitals. Though an independent entity with separate governance and owned by its policyholders, MedChoice is reinsured 95% and operated by Physicians Insurance A Mutual Company (PI) through the PI family of companies.

Both MedChoice RRG and Physicians Insurance are rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best Company*.

MedChoice deploys the expert captive management, risk-management consulting, continuing medical education, and claims administration services needed for today's health care businesses -- whether that's a small practice, a large single or multispecialty clinic, or a hospital system with employed physicians.

*A.M. Best’s ratings are on a scale from A++ (superior) down to D (poor), with even lower ratings for companies under regulatory supervision or in liquidation.